Cardi B’s Paris Fashion Week Outfit Showcases France’s Niqab Double Standard

Cardi B’s Paris Fashion Week Outfit Showcases France’s Niqab Double Standard

Famous rapper Cardi B took to the streets during Paris Fashion Week to showcase her Richard Quinn-designed look, which ended up stirring debate across the interweb.

The outfit had Cardi covered head to toe in different pieces, including a headscarf and face mask in the same fabric.

While the look was admired by some, others called out the controversy revolving around France’s niqab ban, which bars full-face veils from being worn in public areas by Muslim women for safety precautions.

The law says that women in France can be fined 150 euros ($172) for wearing the niqab under a law that came into effect in 2011 prohibiting the wearing of headgear covering the face

This decision stirred outrage, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee said:

“The French law disproportionately harmed the petitioners’ right to manifest their religious beliefs… [and] rather than protecting fully veiled women, could have the opposite effect of confining them to their homes, impeding their access to public services and marginalizing them.”

Cardi’s outfit showcased the double standard in France, which did not go unnoticed by internet users once the look went viral.

This graph shows the Google Trend searches for Cardi B (blue), Controversy (red) and Paris Fashion Week (yellow) in the past week.

From this trend search, you can see that on the date of September 29, searches for Cardi B were at their peak of the last week. This was the same date that she had posted the video on her social media pages of her controversial Paris Fashion Week outfit.

Searches for Paris Fashion Week were low, but a few days after the original post, when people started taking notice online, the search for controversies increased. These two events may not be directly related, but there is a decent chance, since Cardi was still being searched.

Even other celebrities noticed the hypocrisy, and weighed in on it via twiter.

Cardi is not the first celebrity to be called out for having a culturally insensitive outfit, though, even if her intentions were pure.

Rhianna, who was co-chair of the 2018 Met Gala, wore a diamond ensemble topped with a Pope-like hat. Some did not like the theme in general, and were only further bothered by the attempt to wear a staple of the religion.  

Offended twitter users took to the internet to voice their disapproval after seeing the outfit on the red carpet.

Should celebrity stylists and designers take religious factors and politics into consideration when planning outfits for their clients? Are celebrities above the cultural appropriation standards set for regular people?

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